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Arrival of New Litter (AN)!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new litter from Doe Velvet (U33) x Buck Snowball (B2).  This is Velvet’s first litter and her inexperienced showed.  She chose not to use the nest box provided to her and pulled no fur.  Her litter was birthed on the cage wire floor.  By the time we checked in on her, only 6 of 9 were still alive.

The 6 kits which were still alive were not warm to the touch and were sluggish.  We quickly constructed a nest for her and then proceeded to brush Velvet with a brush to collect fur from her.  This fur was then used to line the nest.  The kits were placed in the fur-lined nest and then moved to a room which was then heated to 80+ degrees for several hours.  Several hours later, the kits were all warmed up and much more lively.  We have placed the nest box back in the cage with Velvet and are keeping a close eye on her hoping she will make our life easy by nursing the litter without issues.

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