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Rabbit Manure = Fresh, Organic Vegetables

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When we embarked on the journey of growing our own food, we opted to start by growing our own meat over growing our own vegetables because it seemed like the fun thing to do considering we have always enjoyed raising animals.  Raising our own vegetables was something we intended on pursuing once our rabbitry operations settled down.  However, our rabbitry operation has yielded a pleasant surprise.  In addition to producing fresh, high quality meat for the dinner able, our rabbitry operation is producing local, fresh, organic vegetables fo our consumption, as well.

Having been very active in our local community over the years, we are friends with the people who run two local neighborhood community gardens.  Soon after our rabbitry operation started, we established a barter agreement with both community gardens where we would supply rabbit manure in exchange for fresh produce from the gardens.  This has turned out to be a very symbiotic relationship.  Our endless supply of rabbit manure is valued  as a source of much needed soil admendments for the local gardens.  In return, we received a good amount and variety of herbs and vegetables.  This weekend’s exchange yielded among other things: lettuce, kale, green onion, dichon, beets, radish, rosemary, oregano, parsley, and artichoke.

This is truly sustainable farming and we are grateful to have other like-minded food growers in our local community.

100 Days Rabbitry


100 Days Rabbitry
Atlanta’s High Quality New Zealand White Meat Rabbit Breeding Stock
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