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Litter AJ Update: 2 Week Weighing

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Litter AJ is now 2 weeks old.  They have not fully opened their eyes and are still squinty-eyed.  This litter has 10 kits and are all doing well.  We originally had 3 kits fostered to another doe but Emma Frost (R41) was doing so well nursing her kits that we returned her 3 kits to her because we believe they would actually do better with her.  Two week weight in pounds are: 0.59, 0.56, 0.56, 0.53, 0.53, 0.50, 0.44, 0.44, 0.41, 0.41.

The kits started to pop out of the nest box a couple of days ago.  Whenever we see them out of the nest box, we return them back to it since we don’t like to have them off of the cage wire floor as long as possible since their little feet can fall through and get caught.

For comparison sake, we are including some pics of the largest and smallest kits in this litter side by side to show to size difference that can already exist 2 weeks in.


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