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Litter AH, AI Day After Tattoo Inspection

The litter is now 5.5 weeks old.  They were just tattooed yesterday.  We like to inspect the tattoos the day after to make sure the tattooing  took.  By this time, the excess tattoo has usually been cleaned off enough either by the mom or the littermates’ licking to allow for a visual inspection.  If the excess tattoo ink has not bee cleaned off enough, we simply clean it off by  rubbing with a cloth dampened with water.

The other reason for the inspection is to ensure that no infection is developing.  When tattooing, we try to avoid the two primary parallel blood vessels in the ear by holding the ear up to light and situating the tattoo between the two vessels.  This minimizes excessive bleeding, allows for better ink intake, and minimize the likelihood of an infection.  The one time we did have an infection actually occurred due to bad ink.  We had just ordered new tattoo paste.  When we applied it, we immediately noticed that it did not have the usual consistency and was very thick.  The consistency was so thick that we had considerable difficulty trying to get it into the puncture holes.  We suspected that the paste had lost its moisture content and switched back to using our old paste on all the remaining kits.  The next day, the one kit that we used the bad ink on had a severe infection at the tattoo site.  The site was so raw that the tattoo could not be read.  Fortunately, it cleared up without intervention after a week.

For litter AH, we tattooed the bucks with black ink and the does with green ink.  We will see how they turn out.  If one is more legible than the other, we plan on switching to it for future tattooing.

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