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Litter AH, AI Video Update: Snow White, Angel 5 Week Breed Back

Litters AH is now 5.5 weeks old now and we are breeding doe Snow White (SW) to buck Avalanche (B3). Snow White was bred to buck Snowball (B2) last time around.

Litter AI is also now 5.5 weeks old and we are breeding doe Angel (4A) to Buck Yeti (4CD).  Angel was bred to buck Caspar (3A) last time around.

The goal of our sales operation is to provide quality breeding stock for others starting out.  Therefore, our operation maintains many more breeding bucks than the generally recommended 7 doe to 1 buck ratio.  We currently have three breeding bucks for nine breeding does.  We like to rotate does through the different bucks so that we have the most diverse population available for breeding stock sales.

We have chosen a 5 week breed back cycle for our does. Shorter than that and does may not have recovered fully from the rigors of nursing and may not be in good condition. Longer than that and the drop in hormone level starts to make some does reluctant and difficult to breed again. With a 5 week breed back cycle, a doe will yield 6 litters a year. At an average of 8 kits per litter, that’s 48 kits a year per doe.

Breedings are specifically done on either Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Assuming a 31 day gestation period, this results in kindlings on weekends when maximum supervision can be provided.  Also since we have weekly weighing and record keeping this also ensure that these chores end up falling on weekends when our schedule is less hectic.

Both the doe and buck are inspected prior to breeding to ensure that both are in good health.  Weighs are also taken and recorded to provide a reference for determining the doe’s health and progress later on during the gestation period.

We used to let does breed with the buck twice at each breeding.  However, after seeing many does urinating immediately after the buck’s completion and then seeing semen urinated out in the tray below, we now practice a different method.  Now, as soon as a doe is bred, she is taken out of the cage immediately.  Semen deposit is verified to ensure that a successful breeding transpired.  Then, the doe is cradled belly up for half an hour as this seems to discourage their urination.  While the doe is cradled, we also take the opportunity to trim her nails and give her a good looking over.   This same process is repeated again 6 hours later to maximize the rate of conception.  This practice supposedly also increases litter size.

Once the breeding is completed, it is recorded and a schedule of future tasks is automatically generated based on the breeding date.  For this breeding, the following schedule was generated.

Date Task Day
Breeding 2/8/2012 0
Palpation 2/22/2012 14
Provide Nest Box 3/7/2012 28
Kindle 3/10/2012 31
Remove Nest Box, Sex Kits 3/31/2012 42
Rebreed Doe, Tatoo Kits 4/14/2012 66
Wean Litter 4/28/2012 80
Harvest 5/4/2012 100
100 Days Rabbitry
Atlanta’s High Quality New Zealand White Meat Rabbit Breeding Stock
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