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Litter AJ Update: Sexing, 3 Week Weighing

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This litter of ten is now three weeks old. All of these kits are doing well. We made our first attempt at sexing this litter today and the preliminary results indicate that we have 7 bucks and 3 does.

Due to the large litter size, these kits seem to be a little behind on the growth curve. At three weeks of age, we like to see our rabbits around 0.75 pounds in order to hit the 4 week minimum target weight of 1.00 pound. The bucks’ weights were: 0.72, 0.69, 0.66, 0.66, 0.59, 0.53, 0.53. The does’ weights were: 0.75, 0.69, 0.59. We have included pictures showing the size difference between the largest and smallest kits of this litter.

The nest box was removed today and the creep feeder has been introduced. We are hoping the availability of the creep feeder in addition to the continued nursing will help the rabbits catch up to the normal growth curve.

There is still a waiting list of buyers so as soon as these kits were sexed they were reserved for the next buyers on the list. As such, all does from this litter are spoken for and only bucks will remain. This litter is now available for sale on our Rabbits for Sale page.

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