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Arrival of New Litter (AW)!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new litter from Doe SnowWhite (SW) x Buck Avalanche (B3).  Snow White is one of our best producing doe.  She routinely produces litters with more than 8 kits.   This time, however, she only produced 4 kits.  We had suspected that this might be the case since she was not bred many times with the buck.  We typically like to breed our does multiple times with the buck and then breed them several times again another 6 hours later.  Due to scheduling constraints, we were unable to perform the second breeding session this time.  The good news is that we expect these kits to do extremely well.  Snow White is a very good nurser so with the small litter size we expect all the kits to be very well fed.

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