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100 Days Rabbitry is located in Atlanta, Georgia and specializes in the production of high quality, purebred New Zealand White breeding stock.  Per our namesake, our goal is to produce New Zealand White meat rabbits who can produce the highest quality offsprings as evaluated by their weight 100 days after conception at 10 weeks of age.

With the decline in the economy, many people are looking to raise their own food to protect themselves from inflating food prices.  Many others are looking for a source of healthy, quality, organic meat in their pursuit for better health.  Others have a growing concern that our food farming practices are environmentally damaging and ecologically unsustainable and are looking a source of locally grown food that is ecologically friendly and responsible.   Meat rabbits are a great solution for addressing these different concerns and as such there is a growing interest in meat rabbit husbandry.  However, there are not many high quality meat rabbit operations currently in existence which can meet the demands of these growing interests.  Since we believe passionately in all three of the aforementioned concerns, we decided to pursue a responsible, high-quality New Zealand White breeding program with the goal of producing highest quality meat rabbit breeding stock.

For the purpose of meat production, the New Zealand White rabbit should reach market weight of 4.5 to 5 pounds 100 days from conception.  This 100 day period consists of an approximately 30 day gestation period, followed by a 70 day (10 week) post-birth, growth period.  The primary goal of our breeding program is to produce high quality New Zealand White rabbits for growth to market weight within 100 days from conception.

We selectively breed our rabbits for the following:

  • Fast development/growth rate to market weight
  • Large size at maturity, meeting or exceeding but never falling short of New Zealand White breed specification
  • Excellent musculature and meat/bone ratio
We selectively breed our does for the following:
  • Large litter sizes
  • Good maternal instincts for nest building and pulling fur
  • Good maternal instincts for birthing youngs (birthing youngs in nest and not on bare wire)
  • Good maternal instincts for rearing youngs (not cannibalizing, trampling on, or exposing youngs to elements)
  • High milk production to sustain large litter sizes
  • Ability to hold condition through heavy nursing
  • High conception rate
  • Ease of breeding
  • Good temperament
Questions or comments? Send us an email using the form below.

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