In The Nest Box

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Once a litter is kindled, we will list it on this page and announce its lineage and size. Litters will remain on this page while they are nursing and living in the nestbox. At 100 Days Rabbitry, in order to ensure the optimal health of our litters, we only use steel nest boxes. Unlike wooden nest boxes, the steel nestboxes are non-porous and therefore do not absorb moisture from urine and from the atmospheric humidity. This quality makes these nest boxes easy to disinfect and keeps them from becoming breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Once a litter has left the nestbox and its kits’ sexes confirmed, we remove the litter from this page and begin listing them on the “Rabbits For Sale” page.

Current Litters In The Nest Box

Litter Doe Buck Kindle Date Litter Size Wean Date Available Date
BL Satin (C4) Snowball (B2) 11/09/2012 10 12/14/2012 01/04/2013
BM Snow White (SW) Snowball (B2) 12/02/2012 7 01/06/2013 01/27/2013
BN Crystal (VT6) Avalanche (B3) 12/05/2012 5 01/09/2013 01/30/2013
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