Available Rabbits

Once a litter has left the nestbox and their sex confirmed, we begin reserving them for their new owners. Reservations of our rabbits are performed on a first come, first serve basis. We begin by contacting those on the waiting list. Reservation is finalized when pickup is scheduled by buyers. To be fair to all buyers, if we do not receive a response within 5 days of our attempts to contact a buyer, they will be repositioned to the end of the waiting list. Once contacted, buyers who are not ready for immediate pickup must secure their reservation by sending in a deposit. Failure to do so will also reposition a buyer at the end of the waiting list so their rabbits can be made available to others that are ready to pickup.

When the litter leaves the nestbox at 3 weeks of age, they are also introduced to solid food with the use of a creep feeder. The creep feeder is designed to allow the rabbit feed to be accessible by kits but inaccessible by the doe. This allows the kits to have access to solid food without having to compete for it with their mom.

To ensure optimum health of the kits, we keep them with the doe and allow them to naturally transition themselves from their mom’s milk to high protein pellet feed. Some litters will make this transition in a matter of days while some will take a couple of weeks. We do not rush or force this transition by removing their access to the doe’s milk. Some kits will be naturally weaned by 4 weeks. Other may be naturally weaned as late as 6 weeks.

All kits are tattooed around 5 weeks of age. The tattoo provides a means of identifying each rabbit. Tattoos enable buyers of multiple rabbits to easily tell their rabbits apart. In addition, the tattoos allow 100 Days Rabbitry to accurately identify the lineage of all rabbits which have gone to new homes.


Due to our focus on producing quality New Zealand White meat rabbits, we do not make all of our rabbits available for purchase. Only rabbits which exceed 3 pounds at 8 weeks will be sold. Rabbits are priced according to their growth to market weight performance. At eight weeks, a rabbit that weighs in at 4 pounds is superior to one at 3.5 pounds and therefore will be priced higher.

At 8 weeks of age, our rabbits are weighed and rated as follows:

Rating 8 Week Weight
Standard 3.00 lbs – 3.24 lbs
Deluxe 3.25 lbs – 3.49 lbs
Premium 3.50 lbs – 3.74 lbs
Supreme 3.75 lbs – 3.99 lbs
Ultimate 4.00 lbs and over

Our experience and that of our customers have indicated to us that most New Zealand White rabbits sold in our county and surrounding counties don’t even compare to our Standards in terms of weight and meat-to-bone ratio. New Zealand White rabbits matching our Deluxe and Premium quality rabbits are rarely ever found in the local New Zealand White meat rabbit market. Our Supreme, and Ultimate New Zealand White rabbits are such a superior stock that many buyers immediately cull their existing stock when they perform a side-by-side comparison upon arriving home with these specimens.

The rabbits in this lineup below showcases the difference between our Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Supreme, and Ultimate rabbits.

Our high quality New Zealand White meat rabbits are priced by their 8 week weight rating and their age at pick-up.

Age At Pickup Standard Deluxe Premimum Supreme Ultimate
up to 10 weeks $30.00 $32.50 $35.00 $37.50 $40.00
10 to 12 weeks $35.00 $37.50 $40.00 $42.50 $45.00
over 12 weeks $40.00 $42.50 $45.00 $47.50 $50.00

Rabbits Available (Youngest to Oldest)

NOTE: We are currently taking a break from breeding stock sales and are limiting our breedings to meat production for our own personal use. If you are looking for a starter pair or trio we may able to spare some from our meat production to accomodate. Just send us an inquiry. If you are looking for multiple bucks and/or large numbers of females from different lineages we will most likely not be able to fulfill your request.


Questions or comments? Send us an email using the form below.

Picking Up Your Rabbits

For the safety of all parties involved, 100 Days Rabbitry insists that all sales transactions be conducted in a public setting. For ease of parking, we meet buyers at United State Post Office West End Branch located just south of downtown Atlanta at 848 Oglethorpe Avenue Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30310.

Prior to your scheduled pickup, 100 Days Rabbitry will provide you with the total amount of your order. Only cash payment will be accepted. Please bring exact cash payment since we do not carry cash change to sales transactions. Please email ahead with the cell phone number you can be reached at on the day of the pickup. Please also provide the color, make, and model of the car you will be driving.

Please remember to bring with a carrying crate for your new rabbit. For rabbits 10 weeks or younger, it is ok to transport them in the same crate. For rabbits over 10 weeks of age, please bring a separate crate for each rabbit.

100 Days Rabbitry

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