Rabbitry Supplies:

These are the two major suppliers of rabbitry supplies online.  Both have products that are comparable in price and quality.  However, there is a big difference in customer service.

We have ordered from Bass numerous times and have always been happy with their service.  Expect to have an easy time placing your order and then having your ordered fulfilled accurately and delivered promptly without issues.

We have ordered from Klubertanz numerous times.  We actually like many of their products better than those from Bass.  Quality seems to be a bit higher than Bass while price is still comparable.  We prefer their cages because their trays are deeper and have lips which make holding and securing much easier.  Despite the quality of the products, we dread it whenever we have to order something from them.  When we initially placed our order, we thought that the problem we had was a fluke.  Unfortunately, many orders later and we have concluded that Klubertanz simply does understand or care about the importance of customer service and the source of the problem resides at the top with owner Richard Klubertanz.  Expect to have to call your order in because you can’t count on them not losing online orders.  You will also have to always call during office hours because they don’t believe in using voicemail (we have spoken with Richard Klubertanz about this personally and he had no desire to correct the situation).  Expect to be given a very rough estimate of a distant date when your order will arrive and expect that date to be missed.  When your order delivery date is missed, don’t expect to be notified about the delay.  This means you will have to call back week after week before you receive your order.  When you call them, don’t expect courteous customer service.  They are not at all apologetic about their shortcomings and expect you to simply deal with their staffing issues, inefficiencies, and backlogs.  We are honestly a bit surprised at how Klubertanz has managed to stay in business all this time.  Their survival is a testament to the quality of their products, not their customer service.  Unless you really need something specifically from them, go with Bass to save yourself the headache and frustration.


We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and can only speak to the following local feed vendors.

Tractor Supply Company has several locations in the Atlanta metro region.  They carry both Purina and Manna Pro rabbit feed.  Do not expect to drive in and pickup your feed because chances are there will be none in stock so always call ahead.  If you have a decent size rabbitry then you will need a steady supply of rabbit feed and will not be able to tolerate such unpredictability.  You have the option of calling the store and placing an order before they place their weekly orders on Tuesday and it will be come on next week’s Wednesday delivery, hopefully.  Yes, hopefully.  Despite the fact that we are talking about feed that your animals’ survival depends on, there is no guarantee that your order will be fulfilled that week, or the next week, or the week after.  It is a best effort basis. When your order does not arrive on the first week, don’t expect the store to be able to provide your with an estimate of when it will arrive.  Also, don’t expect a courtesy call to let you know that your order didn’t make it to the store that week.  Even if your order does arrive, don’t expect someone to always call you.  It’s best that you call on Wednesday afternoon to see if the order arrived.  Lastly, if you get lucky and your order does arrive AND the store calls you, make a point to pickup your feed ASAP.  Why?  For some bizarre reason, sometimes they feel it’s appropriate to store your feed not in the back of the store in the employee only section but rather out on the store floor where anyone can start pillaging from your order.  We have spoken to others who frequent other Tractor Supply stores and unfortunately this failure of customer service is not specific to my location (Dallas, GA).  If you can successfully get your feed from Tractor Supply, they are by far the cheapest price around due to their volume ordering.

Due to the unpredictability of the feed situation at Tractor Supply and their unwillingness to address it, we felt it was necessary to look for another feed supplier.  Backyard Feed and Seed is closer to us and is an authorized Manna Pro supplier. They pick up on Fridays directly from the Manna Pro mill in Chamblee, GA so just call them prior to Friday morning and you will have it Friday evening.  For whatever reason, if they are unable to get it that day, expect them to be able to tell you went it will be available.  The owners of this small, local feed store are real nice people.  Since we are strong believers in customer service, we have decided to no longer get our feed from Tractor Supply Company and to source it from Backyard Feed and Seed instead to support their business.  Their feed cost is higher than Tractor Supply.  It not that much of a difference for Manna Pro GRO but is significant for Manna Pro PRO.  For us, the saved gas cost and aggravation of dealing with Tractor Supply is worth the trade off of slightly higher feed cost to ensure that this feed supplier option remains available to us.  We hope you will consider doing the same so that we are not all at some point locked into only purchasing from Tractor Supply which currently would rather see our animals starve than fix their order fulfillment issues.


Routine weighing allows for close monitoring of your rabbit’s health and growth. Weekly weighing is especially important for those looking to refine their stock for fast growth to market weight. Many visitors to our website have inquired about the scale shown in our videos. We use a Health-o-Meter baby scale to weigh our rabbits. Since this scale is especially designed for breastfeeding moms to determine how much milk the baby is consuming at each feeding. As such, it measures in very fine increments (0.5 ounces). Also, it is designed to provide an accurate and steady measurement despite a baby’s movement while on the scale. We have found this scale to work very well for our purposes and it far surpasses any kitchen scale that we tried. Kitchen scales are small so it’s hard to see the display while weighing. In addition, many do not measure in fine increments. Lastly, most kitchen scales have a maximum capacity of 10 pounds. With quality New Zealand White meat rabbit stock, it is not unusual for breeding does to approach 12 pounds. We highly recommend the Health-o-Meter Baby Scale for those interested in pursuing quality meat rabbit breeding.


We highly recommend this product for dispatching your harvest rabbits.  We have tried many different methods (broomstick, air rifle, etc.) and have found this to be the most humane, efficient, and clean way of dispatching rabbits.  Used correctly, this dispatch method takes seconds to complete.  Best of all, there is no blood and no rabbit screams.  I have used this tool to euthanize rabbits as small as 0.75 pounds and as large as 12 pounds.  The same company makes a Processing Station (TRW002).  While we have this product and think it’s well designed we would not recommend it simply because we have discovered a different method of processing rabbits which is much quicker and cleaner than using this approach.

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