Cynthia C from North GA wrote:
Your rabbits are incredible!

Donald G from Knoxville, TN wrote:

Well, I have your 14 week doe in a cage by my heavily bred 9 month old doe and the doe I got from you is just as big as the 9 month old. I knew that what I had was not what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong what I have is great for just producing meat for my family, all of my does have 10+ kits and will raise at least 10 but do they get as big as yours? NOPE!!!

Derinda B from North GA wrote:

I am looking forward to getting my next rabbits from you Saturday! I am VERY pleased with the three does I purchased last month. They are gaining an average of 1/2 pound each per week. They have very good dispositions, which is a big plus also.

Cheryl S from Gainesville, GA wrote:

Here is an update.

Out of the first group of rabbits I bred the only male with the AC2 female. I have 8 babies all doing well. I didn’t know they could jump so young!

I have all the paperwork you gave me. Please keep a record also incase something gets lost. I would appreciate that very much.

Derinda B from North GA wrote:

You were correct when you told me on our first phone conversation that I would be culling my rabbits when I saw the growth rate of good quality New Zealands. The rabbits I purchased from you Saturday are very meaty in comparison to what I have purchased previously from other sources. I feel that I must make a change in the breeding buck that I will be using for my small herd. If I am going to begin raising meat rabbits, I feel I must start with the best possible stock available. With that being said, could I please purchase a buck for myself?

Angela L from Marietta, GA wrote:

Thanks again.  We love them.

Danny L from Augusta, GA wrote:

I just wanted to follow up with you after having had your rabbits for two months now. I had a couple questions and kudos to pass along.

That same day, I bought two rabbits from Billy C_____ out of Columbia, SC; two from yourself, and 4 from Tim H_____ in Dawsonville. Of all eight, your two seem to be the best quality, gain the fastest weight, and have the best personality. I am about to start breeding in June and had a couple follow on questions for you.

Your rabbits are amazing quality and I know understand why there is always a wait list.

Thanks for your help. Danny

Angela L from Marietta, GA wrote:

Thanks again.  They’re just gorgeous.

mabbkinz from YouTube wrote:

I just wanted to say after watching your videos over and over and OVER again I’m excited to tell you I finally did a successful palpate!!! I got 2 out of 3 right! WOOHOO! Thanks for your videos!

Dan M from Armuchee, GA wrote:

Yes please put us on the waiting list.  I have read through your blogs and have done a little research and I agree with you completely about the numbers.  If you could put us on the waiting list for 3 does and a single buck we would appreciate it.   I am quite appreciative of the work you are doing.  The quality rises to the top.

Gary H from Gainesville, GA wrote:

All rabbits have settled in now and are doing great! Thanks Gary

Terri T from Armuchee, GA wrote:

We are very pleased with the rabbits we received last Friday.

Glenn A from Macon, GA wrote:

The two does you have available will be fine. I am very impressed with the two bucks I got from you and I have decided to get all my does from you. I would also like to reserve two does from the litter of six that will be weaned at the end of Jan.


jeffdustin from YouTube wrote:

These are the best rabbit videos I have ever seen and I’ll recommend them to everyone that shows interest in rabbit husbandry. By the way, do you ever sell your NZWs?

Lauren H from Conyers, GA wrote:

Thanks so much- I am home now and Cinnamon is set-up in her new digs. She is very cute and is nibbling on some timothy hay as I type this. I am very happy with her and feel free to use me as a rabbit buyer reference via e-mail if needed at any point.

jeffdustin from YouTube wrote:

You serve as an inspiration to those who want to follow in your footsteps someday. Thank you very much for all you’ve done for rabbit breeders.

Cheryl S from Gainesville, GA wrote:

In a few weeks, I will be ready to buy more rabbits. I would like to buy a litter of does again and a single buck again if possible. The rabbits are just great! Thank you for providing such great quality rabbits!

Thank you.

shannonator777  from YouTube wrote:

Have loved ALL of your videos, thank you very much for the valuable information

Cheryl S from Gainesville, GA wrote:

You site looks great. The rabbits I have from you are great.

Thank you.

mabbkinz from YouTube wrote:

Oooohhh ok, I understand now.. I will start practicing on a few non preggos to get the idea and once I got a few “maybe preggos” start trying to feel for grape squishies.

mabbkinz from YouTube wrote:

I so wish you lived next to me… I suck at palpation and I just g0t the hang of it. I soo need a teacher. :/

Cheryl S from Gainesville, GA wrote:

I have to get a scale. But they look good…….You should be proud.

Thank you.

mdhization from YouTube wrote:

I will be starting rabbits in the spring. I’m busy learning. Your service is appreciated very much by me. Thanks

Minh H from GA wrote:

Cool, you’re on YouTube. I really like the NZW. It’s not shy at all like my other rabbit. I wish I had gotten all of my rabbits from you in the first place. Anyway, if I plan to get anymore, it’s going to be during the spring time.

Olga S from Lawrenceville,GA wrote:

Thanks much. I do like rabbits very much. Thanks for good bunnies.

Walter M from Douglas,GA wrote:

Thank you for the info. The rabbits seem to be adjusting very well. They are all eating and drinking and hoping around their new cages.


skidmorehappyhouse from YouTube wrote:

I am loving you number system. I have been trying to come up with a way to number that makes sense and can tell me so many things just by looking at the tat. I am really liking your system but I will tweak it a little. I just bought 2 sets of numbers from an auction so I will include a number that represents the doe too since I have an extra set.

Twisted86 from YouTube wrote:

Thanks for the video 🙂 By chance could you make one on how to handle the rabbits (does for breeding) and how to gain “trust” in kits for future breeder rabbits? Thank you.

road2health from YouTube wrote:

Great video! I like having a voice on the video way better

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